Internationally recognized business strategist

Robert Quigg is a visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist and father to 3 boys. As the founder of QUIGG Global Strategies and Chairman of EPIC Brands, Robert’s companies have been involved in the capital markets, private equity, syndications, venture capital, luxury real estate development, consumer goods and biotech, across many sectors and in multiple countries. Robert’s companies have raised and deployed over $2.5 billion dollars in capital and directly employed over 3,200 people.

I have known Robert Quigg for close to two decades and can personally attest to his character, his creative ability, his attention to detail, and his non-compromising attitude towards executing greatness. His ability to make decisions and get things done is second to none.


Robert’s Story

Robert is many things, having been described as analytical, intense, driven, demanding, ruthless, brilliant, creative, cerebral and extremely hard-working, by friends and foes alike, as he carved his career from a poor upbringing in a small Pacific Northwest community to becoming a global entrepreneur.

A highly competent problem solver and visionary, Robert is a creative strategist who finds straightforward solutions to complex problems. A self-made, driven entrepreneur, who looks at issues critically and sceptically to find the best solutions to matters at hand, he is unencumbered by group think, or looking at the world as it should be. Robert is an independent, inquisitive and open-minded thinker, who deals with the world as it is, determining the appropriate course of action rationally and objectively.

Working with QUIGG, and yourself especially, has been an enlightening and enjoyable experience. As well as having exceptional talent, you are one of a dying breed Robert, a true gentleman who says what he means and stands behind his word.

Ian Rozier CEO, Newport Exploration LTD.


Robert’s purpose is creating excellence by helping entrepreneurial women and creatives break through barriers to reach their fullest potential in business and life.

Rare is the pleasure to meet a person of Robert Quigg’s calibre of excellence. His personal life is organized around greatness and he runs his business by the same standards.

Kathleen Ouelette Founder, STRATEGIC ADVISORY CORP.